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Avantika's performances have been invited to festivals across the country  (ITFoK, NCPA, March Dance, Kala Ghoda etc.)  and she has been commissioned to choreograph for large scale and community festivals (Serendipity- Goa, When is Space- Jaipur, Bandra Festival- Mumbai).
Her body of work includes collaborations with artists across various disciplines.


WEFT : 2022 / 25 mins. / Jaipur

Weft highlights the age-old quilting tradition that has passed through generations across the world. Using the images of dyeing, weaving, handlooms and threading, the performance is a reflection of multiple narratives of a community at large.


A response to the Corona Quilt Project; an initiative that looks at social engagement that began during the pandemic, this duet tells the stories of support, compassion and resilience.

HOW ARE YOU TODAY? : 2022 / 22 mins. / Mumbai

How are you today? is a solo performance that looks at breathing life into the mundane actions of daily routine. Familiar structures are viewed simultaneously through an internal and external gaze thus finding a sense of play within narratives that are both personal and universal. 


The art works of Shad Fatima and Arvind Sundar have lent themselves to the choreographic process. 

LOOK LEFT, TURN RIGHT : 2018 / 30 mins. / Goa

Look Left, Turn Right is a site-specific intervention that questions the fine line between functionality and performativity in movement. Set up as a series of structured improvisations, Look Left, Turn Right is performed at busy traffic crossings thus pulling dance out of a formal setting into an everyday public space that is accessed by all.

The performers engage with the site in real time as a first encounter thus setting up relationships between a dynamic passing audience, and the space they temporarily inhabit.


SAY WHAT? : 2017 / 60 mins. / Mumbai

Say, What? focusses on the interaction between two people who slide between using and abandoning codified language.

As the audience encounters various conversations that are set up in space using sign language as a point of entry, the role of gesture is re-interpreted and de- mystified within the realm of communication.

By lending itself to abstract proportions, this piece opens up a world of meaning making that is both embodied and visceral in nature.


{WONKOT} : 2012 / 60 mins. / Mumbai                                                                     

{ wonkot } is an experimental dance theater production that uses movement, texture, imagery and spoken word to explore parallel narratives within the text of Rumi's 'Elephant in the Dark Room' story.

110048, M81 : 2014 / 12 mins. / New Delhi 

HERE : 2014 / 17 mins. / Bangalore 


4: 2021 / 7.24 mins. 

PARTING: 2018 / 1.5 mins.                                                                      

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